PurePro® Office RO Systems

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PurePro® Stainless Steel Water Cooler 

Stainless Steel

Easily combined with RO units !



Polished stainless steel water dispenser for the ultimate designer look. Upgrading to this water cooler is like getting a stainless steel American fridge in one’s home.

Designed to PurePro’s exacting requirements, the water cooler also benefits from a digital display for a 21st Century look.

Product Features:
RO Water + Great Taste!
Designer Bottleless Water Coolers
Quality Components
5 Stages of Water Purification
RO or UV Water Filter Option
pH Balance Filter (optional)
Mineral Replacement (optional)
Stainless steel for ultimate designer look
Stainless Steel Reservoirs
Hot, Cold and Room Water Dispensers

Bottleless Advantage:
Pure, Low Cost Drinking Water
No Heavy Bottles to lift or store
Better Sanitation and Health
Superior Water Filter Equipment
POU Water Dispenser is Green



With your own RO water filter system working for you twenty-four hours a day, you can have as much purified water at the touch of a finger whenever you want it. Free to use all you want, clean, safe water on tap, and no more trips to the store.



Chilling up to 10 liters per hour
Heating up to 23 liters per hour
RO Production: 50 GPD
Input in AC 110Volt, 220Volt or 240Volt
Dimensions: (cm) 41 (W) x 42 (D) x 127 (H)
Weight: 27.5 kgs

Model Number
ST-BD (Body Only)
ST-EC105 (Built-in EC105)
ST-EC105P (Built-in EC105P)
ST-EC105UV (Built-in EC105UV)




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PurePro® Office RO Systems

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